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Goulds / Centripro M50412 - Replacement Submersible Motor - 230V - 3W - 5 HP

• Manufacturer: Goulds
• Brand: CentriPro
• Series: 4" SS Submersible Motors
• MPN: M50412
• Horsepower: 5 hp
• Wiring: 3-Wire (3 Wires plus 1 Ground)
• Voltage: 230 Volt
• Hertz / Phase: 60 Hz / Single Phase
• Full Load Amps: 24 Amps ( 5300 Watts )
• Service Factor: 1.15
• Kilowatts Rating: 3.7 KW
• Condition: New In Box ( Not Used or Re-Manufactured )
SKU: M50412

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Our Price: $749.00

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Product Details
Goulds / CentriPro M50412 4-Inch Submersible Pump Motor Specifications
• 5 hp
• 3-Wire (3 Wires plus Ground)
• 230 volt
• 60 Hz - Single Phase
• 3450 RPM
• Full Load Amps: 24 Amps ( 5300 Watts )
• Service Factor: 1.15
• Kilowatts Rating: 3.7 KW

• These 4" motors are designed and sized for installation in 4" diameter or larger wells

Standard Features of the Goulds / Centripro Submersible Replacement Motors
• 304 stainless steel casing and end plates for corrosion resistance
• PSC design for quiet, efficient operation
• Kingsbury type, 3 shoe, thrust bearing
• Stainless steel splined shaft
• Removable and replaceable 48" motor lead on ½ - 1½ HP
• Water lubricated with filter/check valve to maintain fluid fill
• Lightning and surge protection built-in
• Automatic reset, on-winding thermal overload protection on 2-wire up to 1½ HP
• UL 778 Recognized
• CSA Certified
• Tested to ANSI/NSF 61

• Rated for continuous duty in water of 86º F (30º C) maximum
• Cooling: Proper motor cooling requires a water velocity past the motor of 1.2 gpm in a 4" casing, 7 gpm in a 5" casing and 13 gpm in a 6" casing
• Built-in, hermetically sealed, environmentally safe capacitor eliminates the noise causing pulsations common to many split-phase 2 wire motors
• Rotation: CCW, counterclockwise as you face the top or shaft end of the motor

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Additional Info
Additional Info
Horsepower Rated 5 HP
Voltage Rated 230 Volts
Phase Single Phase
Wires 3-Wires (3 Wires + Ground)
Total Dynamic Head (TDH) No
GPM Rated No
Manufacturer Goulds / Xylem
Our Price $749.00
Retail Price (MSRP) $1,652.00
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